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A gift of property, is a present that goes on giving... for a lifetime, and for generations.

As you embark in pursuit of real estate that enhances your lifestyle, it helps to have a clear perspective on your priorities

and preferences. Remaining focused on your goals, avoiding the distractions, and delegating to experts.

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Buy Luxury Property in Turkey
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More than 10 years of local knowledge and expertise in the markets we service...www.PropertyPresents.com

A Dream too good to be True...?      Or Your Dream come True?               Seeing is believing....

A Protected UNESCO World Heritage Site... and protected breeding home of the Carretta-Carretta sea turtles and other species, fauna, and flora...                                           Welcome to the Dalyan Delta, and Iztuzu Beach! (click here)        

Our team of professional real estate investment managers at Property Presents provide essential support. 

Overseeing all aspects of the transaction process, and the supporting professional service providers (attorneys, surveyors, architects, constructors, contractors, brokers and agents) instructed by us, or appointed by you. Our experience dates back to the late 1970’s, with first hand experience in Florida, the Bahamas, London, Marbella, Sardinia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece and Albania. Our clients have included the full spectrum of property buyers- holiday home lifestyle investors, ultra-high net-worth portfolio investors, insurance, private equity & sovereign wealth funds, and covers residential, most commercial segments, land, and development. We have advised and acted for clients from North America, Northern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, the UAE, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

We recognise that a property transaction is not just about lifestyle choices, and not just about investment rational or financial returns - everyone has their own personal blend of preferences and priorities.


Defined by discipline and ethics, with more than 10 years on the ground experience, and networks in place in each market we operate in, having detailed in-depth knowledge regarding specific issues about legal procedures, mortgage finance, insurances, tax, cadastral regimes, and more....


Our team have all owned, rented and managed property in several countries and lived their lives likewise, ensuring a greater understanding and empathy with the priorities and prerequisites of international clientele.


Transaction management techniques applied to your real estate investment are variable based on your preferences- as strict and uncompromising, or as practical and obliging, as you determine as appropriate. 


Location... Location... Location....



A perennial favourite with wealth investors from everywhere, the climate, lifestyle, relative security, and stability, ensure Florida real estate will remain a sound investment.

Miami Market Momentum Crests...



Exceptional cuisine and spectacular natural beauty, combined with reliable demographic and economic growth, ensure the long term trend as Istanbul and the Turkısh Riviera continue to attract international residents, from around the world... 

Property Prices about to Reverse Upward ? 

Turkish Assets- Inflation & Devaluation...


Reliable winter sunshine is a key factor for any property buyers in Cyprus. Warm, clean seas, a variety of past time pursuits, and modern amenities, combine to make Cyprus a viable choice for many.


Legal Advice- Included in the services we provide

Mortgage Advice- included in the services we provide


  LONDON and the U.K.

Security and stability ensure London property as a prime choice for lifestyle and wealth preservation.

Ankara Antlaşması Vizesi Başvuru

London House Price Inflation Report


The Eastern Black Sea Coast boom & bust now 10 years past, socio-economic uptrends and  resurgent young middle class, create economic conditions that make South West Bulgaria a BUY for residential property investors.... Lifestyle attractions are abundant, located within easy road access to the Med's beaches, alpine skiing, and four cosmopolitan cities....  


Relatively unknown, mountainous, green, and verdant with natural springs, a warm sparkling clean sea, abundant seafood, and the friendliest locals, Albanian real estate offers perhaps the least exposure to global systemic risk of any of the markets we are in. Prices are in a steady early cycle uptrend, with demand supported by EU convergance, ongoing finance sector structural reform, local buyers returning from life abroad, and foreign holiday home buyers from Norway, Poland, and a trickle from elsewhere, accompanied by a limited number of high profile foreign institutional landmark projects.


The Athens suburbs- an alluring combination of cosmopolitan lifestyle, beach, year round warmth and sun-shine. The Greek Islands - exquisite,  unique, ideal for exclusive retreats.

Golden Visa Residence Permits

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