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Plovdiv & South West Bulgaria: No Longer a Secret...

The One Place Property Prices are in a Steady 3-Year Sustained Uptrend...


July 2020  As we have mentioned consistently for the past four years, structural change is resulting in a sustained uptrend in property prices in selected locations in Bulgaria. Structural change is the strongest driver for an uptrend, because it enables increasingly wider segments of society to gain a foothold on the property ladder, and climb with it higher, stepping up to bigger properties, and better locations, as life-cycle factors take effect.

And like London and the UK in the 1980's when structural change drove the property market higher, and introduced 'gentrification', 'yuppies' (young upwardly mobile investors),  and a ripple effect, Bulgaria is experiencing similar effects.  The refurbishment surge in Sofia three years ago has rippled out to Plovdiv in the South West, Bulgaria's second largest population catchment area, and leading commercial area. and University town, for both refurbishment and new-build projects. From Plovdiv the ripple is now spanning out into neighboring Hamlets. 

Last month during the height of the covid-19 lock-down,  in one specific hamlet, ground breaking construction work began on three corner plots adjacent to the town centre, each for multi-unit new luxury residences. 

Investors, don't fight the obvious: as we have been forecasting for four  years, the past is the past, and stories of 'gloom and doom about poor Bulgaria' remain there, in past history. The future is one of slow but steady economic growth, prosperity, and a firm sustainable long-term uptrend in property prices. A small and relatively poor country like Bulgaria is a major beneficiary of EU membership, and the uptrend in property prices is an accurate reflection of those benefits.

Learn about the opportunities for participating in this uptrend, and investing at a fraction of valuations found elsewhere in Europe. Email reply to info@mytapu.com and request SW-BG investment opportunities...

Commmercial Retail Park land Plot SW BG
Greenfield Development Site for 2 Hypermarkets. Multi National Chain Store Tenants Identified, Priced at Lucrative Yield or IRR... email info@mytapu.com
Citizenship by Investment in EU - Bulgaria
Citizenship by Investment in EU - Bulgaria - the most favourable program for investors world wide....

Bulgaria: Myths of the Poorest Economy in Europe Fast Fading...

April 27 2020 Perceptions of Bulgaria's economy are characterized by events of the past: outward migration, low incomes, the poorest economy in Europe. Investors don't make money based on past perceptions: the future is what counts. And a here on 'Property Presents' we have noted continuously over the last three years, the favorable outlook for real estate in South West Bulgaria (NOT the Black Sea Coast) as the place to be invested, for multiple reasons explained below. The latest numbers conform our forecast. Bulgaria had the fastest rate of employment growth in the EU during 2019 at  2.6%. Yes, this is further confirmation of the long term structural changes underway in Bulgaria. Remember the 'Yuppies' of the 1980's in the UK ? Bulgarian real estate is in he early stages of experiencing the same socio-economic trends now. The 'risk adjusted return' of investing in residential real estate in South West Bulgaria is better than any where in Europe. This means that investors will make more money with less risk than anywhere else in Europe. For the last three years this situation is unfolding steadily. The confirmations are coming in steadily, and the pandemic crisis is an ideal opportunity to position entry into an investment for maximum return and profit.  Keeping funds sidelined in cash liquidity waiting longer is an inefficient allocation of capital.  Email to info@mytapu.com to find out more, and include your WhatsApp or Viber number for a free call back.

Virus Crisis: Which Country is Doing Better than Most?

Bulgaria Managing COVID-19 with Good Governance
Bulgaria's Performance Managing COVID-19 is Better than Peers

Surprisingly, Bulgaria has a better track record preventing and managing the virus crisis than any of the other countries we follow, and better than most if not all countries in Europe, with currently less than 500 cases. It is not the number of cases that is relevant, but the rate of increase, as shown by the slope of the line (courtesy www.VisualCapitalist.com ). This is very heartening news, and an especially positive reflection of good governance. Add the previously mentioned structural changes supporting the current upward trend in property prices, with present valuations at a fraction of elsewhere, the added benefits of a flat 10% income tax rate (personal and corporate), exceptional natural environment just an hour's drive from the Mediterranean Sea, and a very fast and cheap procedure for obtaining EU residency.... All add up to reinforce our perceptions of the last 3 years that Bulgaria remains a recommended destination for investment returns and lifestyle benefits. 

Brexit Means No More EU Residency for Brits? Join the Club, in...?

buy property in bulgaria

Just a few months to go for Brits to retain their liberty to live and work anywhere on the Continent. Relying on politicians promises, is relying on people that don’t know what they are doing. What do you do?

The safest solution is to find a place in the EU to establish residency before Brexit, so that you are guaranteed freedom to travel at will within Europe, for as long as you want, without time limitations, and retain all your other benefits of being in the EU.

But where?

Having considered this issue at length, and considering ALL FACTORS, the most viable and low risk choice is ....

buy property bulgaria

Yes... South West Bulgaria...

(NOT Sunny Beach and the Black Sea Coast...that's three hours away to the East... but from SW Bulgaria, the Med is only one....!)

Yes, low risk too, because you can establish residency in Bulgaria in a step by step procedure that limits your out of pocket expenses at every step, and does not require putting a large capital stake at risk. For example, the residency application process itself is fast and can be done for less than EUR 1000, and possibly showing as little as EUR 500 in assets in a Bulgarian bank account, and obtaining a rental property contract for similar amount. South West Bulgaria : once you have had a look around, you will begin to understand why South West Bulgaria merits an investment in a residential home, and the price you will pay is far cheaper than just about anywhere you can think of…. Look at this house on sale below… for just EUR 17,000.

buy property in bulgaria

The arts are an hour away in Plovdiv, European Centre of Culture for 2019, and cosmopolitan Sofia and its treasures is just a couple of hours down the road. The bustling metropolis of Istanbul is just three hours drive, and vibrant Thessalonika the same.

Why South West Bulgaria? Think the shires and home counties around London, but four uniquely rich cities instead of one, and far more tranquil and beautiful natural rural surroundings, add in an hours drive to the prisitne beaches and crystal waters of the Aegean sea in Greece, and to winter skiing, plus much more, and you have a better total package than anywhere else in Europe.

Surprisingly, South West Bulgaria offers a better lifestyle than the shires and home counties of London in many respects…

 Brexit: Still Time to Secure an EU Resident’s Permit

Oct 13, 2019  The Brexit deadline is fast approaching, but there is still time to gain a foot-hold in the EU for residency purposes. And if so desired, also own a bolt-hole to escape to when times get tough. And times are getting tougher, as the gloom of global economic recession encroaches steadily ever nearer; irreversibly it would seem, as the world’s most important benchmark interest rate, the U.S. 30-year Treasury Bond, set record lows at the most recent auction.


Securing residency status in the EU provides the flexibility and greater range of choices for making the all-important life-style and wealth management decisions for yourself and future generations. And securing residency in Bulgaria could not be simpler, cheaper, or easier, as explained here.


To file an application for 5 year residency, this is what’s required:

a)  Copy of passport

b)  Bulgarian Bank Statement Declaration (capital EUR 3-5,000)

c)  Copy of Rental Contract

d)  Declaration from Landlord

e)  Completed Application Form (very simple)


All of the above can be arranged in one week…or 3-4 days with advance planning. Once resident for 5 years, eligibility for citizenship becomes vested. The total cost? Approximately EUR 250- 400 depending on whether items c) and d) need to be managed. Hop on Ryan Air, ask for guidance for a hotel, and get it done.  To begin the process send an email to the experienced Transaction Support Team at info@mytapu.com with the header ‘ BG-RES’.

EU Bulgarian Residents Permit for Non-EU Nationals
EU Bulgarian Resident's Permit for Non-EU Nationals

The alternative means of obtaining EU Residency in Bulgaria for Non-EU Citizens include by way of Family Re-unification, establishing an NGO office, or establishing a Representative Office.

Buy property south west Bulgaria

And there’s more. Securing a lifestyle option in South West Bulgaria results in an immediate cut in the cost of living to roughly 1/3 of that in the UK, while achieving an improvement in quality of life: better locally produced food; lower exposure to violent crime; strong family values; beautiful countryside and less polluted surrounding natural environment; easy access (two hours drive) to the Aegean &  Mediterranean; and three hours drive from major cultural and cosmopolitan centres of Istanbul, Thessalonica, and Sophia. And let’s not forget… a 10% income tax rate. And the optimism is trickling through society as a whole. 

Invest in residential real estate in South West Bulgaria

In the most recent survey of the World Happiness Report for 2019, Bulgaria ranked 3rd in the world for the greatest improvement.  South East European nations generally clustered in the most improved zone, Turkey improved marginally, with Greece, Cyprus declining.

Courtesy of Visual Capitalist... 


Bulgaria ranks most improved for economic happiness
Property prices in South West Bulgaria

And property prices? 

Honestly, in comparison to the UK, property prices in South West Bulgaria amount to pocket change, beginning from £5 -10,000 . This house is in a rural town, near the Greek- Bulgarian border, and only 75-90 minutes drive to the Northern Mediterranean/ Aegean. The price is fairly typical, and it would benefit from cosmetic internal refurbishment, and new bathroom and kitchen.

And in case you were not aware, South West Bulgaria is already popular with British residents, many previously having lived in Turkey.

property for sale south West Bulgaria

Perhaps you have heard Bulgaria is poor, backward, and economically retrogressive. And that indeed was the situation. Times are changing. Structural change is resulting in steady trend improvements. 

Looking back in five years time, the numbers will show, this is the time when the Bulgarian economy’s nascent up-trends began accelerating higher. The clearest evidence of this, is businesses unable to fill new positions for hiring.

property for sale south west bulgaria

In parallel, the refurbishment activity for apartments in key inner city locations is now in its third strong year: much like the UK property market was in the mid 1980’s. 

Yes, that’s where Bulgaria is at in the cycle, and low levels of mortgage debt to GDP provide a similar confirmation. And that means less sensitivity to global economic shocks. 

Where to live in south West Bulgaria ?

Come to visit selective towns in South West Bulgaria, and, see for yourself.

The wealth, economy, and property market,  is reminiscent of 

Harrogate or the London Shires in the mid-1980’s.


Ask today how our experienced Transaction Managers can guide and assist you during your travel planning, re-location assessment, establishing bank accounts residency permits, etc, and selecting locations and property. Simply email info@mytapu.com with the header 'South West Bulgaria'.

Weather in Plovdiv South West Bulgaria

Weather conditions in South West Bulgaria, may be considered 'ideal' depending on personal preferences::

  • Short crisp winters from mid -December to mid-February with perhaps 3 snow falls each lasting 3-4 days; Light white Christmas & New Year's days.
  • Abundant sunshine averaging 20+ days per month December to February and 27+ days per month during the remainder of the year.
  • Regular rainfall of perhaps 3-5 days per month.
  • Dry periods late summer and autumn, into late November, early December.
  • Infrequent days of high gusty winds.
  • Warm sunny days from mid February to end of November.

buy property bulgaria

Why South West Bulgaria?

buy property bulgaria

Taxes of ten percent, EU residency, high quality with low cost of living, English widely spoken, and property valuations that make you an immediate Lord of the Manor… these are a few of the reasons Brits have been moving in over recent years…

Some inland villages have perhaps 200 British resident there out of a population of 500… Many of these British buyers sold their homes in Turkey and bought in Bulgaria. Why?

What attracts the British to South West Bulgaria? Well could it be that the nature is beautiful and everywhere, and the internet and telecommunications are the fastest in Europe? Local vegetables, fruit, and meat production are ample, high quality, and cheap. The youth population are comparatively well educated, respectful, and 80% speak English. Russian and Turkish are the third languages. And of course, the cost of living is cheap, one of the cheapest in Europe- cheaper than Turkey! Yes, very cheap. And the quality of life is very good. So relatively speaking, South West Bulgaria is the Bargain.


buy property bulgaria

And then it comes to taxes- 10% flat rate on income and capital gains. You can’t beat that in Europe !


And surprisingly- everything works! Public transportation, trains and buses, low cost air carriers, public education, and medical (but comes in for much criticism), are all blissfully functional and reliable.

Winters are mild but with a short snowfall period, and the ski resorts including Bansko are just an hours drive away. Spring and autumn are a joy, the former with robust fanfare of greenery, the latter in warm shades of golden, reds, and yellows. Winter comes in lateNovember in time for Christmas, and is gone before March. Summers are hot and green from April to October. Generally there is lots of sun even in the winter. The mountains and lakes and rivers are a joy to the spirit.  And the sea side is a combination of tranquil nature, and promenaded resorts, as lively and ostentatious as anywhere.

Buy property Bulgaria

Another little known secret about Bulgaria- it has rich architectural and cultural traditions from the Asiatic Bulgars who established their first kingdom in alliance with the Byzantines a thousand years ago, the only Turkic tribe to ally with Imperial Christianity against the Ottomans. 

And before them was the Trakyan civilisation, pre-dating ancient Greece,  having left its architectural landmarks as old as Troy and Minoan Knossos on Crete- there are more than 150 such sites in 

Bulgaria dating back to 5,000 BC.


buy property bulgaria

The arts are an hour away in Plovdiv, European Centre of Culture for 2019, formerly the wealthy imperial seat of Macedonian, and Trakyian kingdoms in ages past, sporting two amphitheatres, an imperial prerogative, long before Constantinople was on he map. Cosmopolitan Sofia and its treasures are just a couple of hours down the road.  The bustling metropolis of Istanbul is just three hours drive, and vibrant Thessalonika, northern Greece, the same.

Why South West Bulgaria? Think the shires and home counties around London, but four vibrant & culturally unique cities instead of one. Far more tranquil and beautiful natural rural surroundings,  an hours drive over the verdant Rhodope mountains to the prisitne beaches and crystal waters of the Aegean sea in Greece, and to winter skiing, plus much more, and you have a better total package than anywhere else in Europe.


South West Bulgaria offers a better lifestyle than the shires and home counties of London in most every respect…


Buying Property in South West Bulgaria? (NOT Sunny Beach and the Eastern Black Sea Coast..!) 


Once upon a time there was a property boom in Bulgaria. The property buying bubble in Bulgaria was inflated first by the British, and later Russian and other East Europeans. The property buying frenzy was frothiest mainly on the Black Sea coast- Burgas to Varna, Sunny Beach included. There was also some buying in and around the ski resorts of Bansko. That little boom went bust. That was about ten years ago. Most of the agents and developers have since gone out of business.


In the last 8 years there has been continued buying of property in Bulgaria by foreigners, especially the Poles, Czechs, and British. This has not received much publicity. It has been quiet, steady buying. Some has been on the coast, but surprisingly, there has been a significant amount inland, in the south west. And it’s there the British are buying again. Some inland villages have perhaps 200 British resident there of a 

buy property bulgaria

total local population of 500. Many of these British buyers sold their homes in Turkey and bought in Bulgaria. 

buy property bulgaria

The arts are an hour away in Plovdiv, European Centre of Culture for 2019, and cosmopolitan Sofia and its treasures is just a couple of hours down the road. 


A little known secret about South West Bulgaria...  for overall life-style attractions, it has perhaps the best overall location of anywhere in Europe. The peaceful regional towns have pedestrian streets with cafes and boutiques and Georgian style national reawakening architecture mixed with traditional Bulgarian alpine styles. The lush rolling green hills escalating to small mountains resplendent with lakes and rivers, is a treasure unsurpassed by anywhere in the UK. Winter skiing in Bansko and environs is an hour’s drive. The Black Sea beach with its partying resorts is three hours, the Northern Aegean coast of Greece is just one or two hours away, depending on where you go.


 The bustling metropolis of Istanbul is just three hours drive, and vibrant Thessalonika, the third largest city in Greece, the same.



Why South West Bulgaria? Think the shires and home counties around London, but four uniquely rich cities instead of one, and far more tranquil and beautiful natural rural surroundings. Add in, an hours drive to the prisitne beaches and crystal waters of the Aegean sea in Greece, and to winter skiing, plus much more, and you have as god a total package, or better, than anywhere else in Europe.


And property choice is plentiful. To say valuations are cheap by comparable Turkish or UK standards is simply an understatement. A small feudal estate, prime residence with an additional three or four small houses, outbuildings & barn, with farmland, pasture land, and forest, perhaps a brook, and you're a lord of the manor, for less than the price of a nice country home in Surrey or Buckinghamshire!

Ready to find out more? Let us know what you want to know, and we are happy to help- please complete the form here...


New Year’s Celebrations for Property Investors….  

Few walk the path less trodden, and some that do, are well rewarded. Seeking entertainment and assessing investment prospects rarely go together, unless you’re an investor that has seen and done lots, and will only look at more, when just such special opportunities present themselves…. 


This New Year’s Eve, far from the maddening crowds and surging masses of humanity, away from the triumphantly stage managed, two-dimensional fireworks ‘shows’ of major capitals, lies an ancient city on seven hills, where atop of each, your senses will be inundated above and below, and 360% in all directions, by the most rambunctious, jubilant, and chaotic four hour eruption, the likes of which only your great, great, great grand pappy could tell recollection of, from his days in the war of a past century…. 

The Seven Hills of Phillipopolis
Plovdiv Culture
Buy Property Plovdiv
Real Estate Plovdiv
Real Estate for Sale Plovdiv
Property Valuations Bulgaria

Unknown Plovdiv...

New Year’s Eve is a truly stupendous celebration, enjoyed from the hilltops, in contrast to the, cultured bars, cafés and restaurants in the precious little city below. 

Search Property Plovdiv
Search Property Bulgaria
Property Sourcing Plovdiv
Property Sourcing Bulgaria
Find Property Bulgaria
Find Property Plovdiv
Property Sourcing Plovdiv
Search Property Plovdiv

Christmas in these holly bedecked pedestrian streets of Georgian ‘Mayfair’ architecture, include live stage performances for youngsters age 5 up, roaming carol singers, art galleries, theatre shows, arts and crafts fairs of seasonal adornments, and a bustling selection of bars, each with refreshingly distinctive character... and highly regarded local wine and brandies.... 

Property Sourcing Plovdiv
Property Valuations Bulgaria
Property Valuations Bulgaria
Real Estate for Sale Plovdiv
Real Estate for Sale Plovdiv
Property for Sale Plovdiv
Property for Sale Plovdiv
Property for Sale Plovdiv
Invest Real Estate Bulgaria
Invest Real Estate Plovdiv
Invest Real Estate Bulgaria
Invest Real Estate Plovdiv

Traversing on your rounds of entertainment, the surrounding real estate merits a closer investment assessment, both for defensive qualities, and mid-term capital growth prospects…. The best investment destination NOW, in these times of rising interest rates and tumbling property prices elsewhere…

Professional Investment Services Plovdiv
Professional Investment Services Bulgaria
Investment Advice Plovdiv
Investment Advice Plovdiv


Looking at the map, on the long straight road half way between Istanbul and Sofia, lies Plovdiv. 

One might be forgiven, for thinking it is merely a ‘truck stop’, halfway between the two cities; and so wrong. 

When visiting Plovdiv, the common reaction is… ‘I never imagined…!’. Strangely, Plovdiv is a relatively unknown town in modern times- despite having been a regional centre, and capital, for the last 6,000-8,000 years…! Yes, that’s correct. 

Invest Real Estate Plovdiv
Invest Real Estate Plovdiv


Older than Istanbul/ Constantinopoli, Rome, or Athens, Plovdiv has been the prized showcase of Ottomans, Byzantines, Bulgars, the Macedonian King Phillip, and the Trakyian Kingdom dating back to 5,000 BC and before.

Invest Real Estate Plovdiv
Property for Sale Plovdiv
 Invest Real Estate Plovdiv


Plovdiv is unique: the only city of the ancient world to have had two amphitheatres, in tribute to the arts.

Today the city is home to six universities oriented towards the arts. 

Art is everywhere in central Plovdiv. And appropriately in that context, Plovdiv has been designated the Centre of European Culture in 2019, with all the fanfare, exhibitions, performances and celebrations that accompany such status… in addition to copious amounts of EU grant funding.



The influx of creative talent and tourists is expected to have a rejuvenating effect. Certainly a few local property investors have already marked up their prices in anticipation. 

Those foreign visitors curious about buying a weekend bolt-hole in this vibrant regional centre replete with boutiques, bars, and cafes, are likely to offered property at prices above market valuations.


Property Presents Magazine- Plovdiv

The inflow of property investors into this previously unknown market, is likely have an upward impact on property prices, and while the numbers will not create a tsunami-like wave of buying, even a small amount will take the limited supply out of circulation, and result in further upward price appreciation. 

Plovdiv deserves closer inspection by would-be property investors. 

Property Presents Magazine- Plovdiv
Property for Sale Plovdiv
Property for Sale Plovdiv
Real Estate for Sale Plovdiv
Real Estate for Sale Plovdiv

Structural Change Gradually Grows...

The regional commercial centre and second largest population catchment area in Bulgaria; demographic and economic factors are having an impact on prices in narrow niche locations around the centre.

Over the previous five years Property Presents has been tracking local neighbourhoods and property segments- commercial, offices, hotels, Land Mark buildings, as well as residential. Eighteen months ago the upward move in prices began gently. 

There is plenty more to come. 

Investment Services:
  • Area Assessment
  • Property Search & Sourcing
  • Architectural & Refurb
  • Legal &  Due Diligence
  • Valuations & Appraisals
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Conveyancing & Completion

As ever, the important factor is location, location, location. 

Contact us today to discuss a sensible market entry strategy and tactics for buying an attractive life-style apartment, or larger status property, to outperform your existing portfolio returns. 

Real Estate for Sale Plovdiv
Real Estate for Sale Plovdiv

Bulgaria Becomes Investable 


Monitoring the investment opportunities in Bulgaria over the last 20 years since 1998, we are pleased to say we did not participate in the short lived and ill-fated bubble bursting ten years ago in the coastal regions. Some eight years later, with the past three years of more detailed due diligence done, we are now comfortable with investing in Bulgarian real estate. 

(NOT Sunny Beach and the Eastern Black Sea Coast)


The most astute time to buy asset values in Bulgaria was last year, but this is just the beginning, and it’s not too late. The property market in Bulgaria has a significant longer team prospect for outperforming investment returns over the coming 8-10 years, and this has really only kicked off in a sustainable fashion in the last 18 months. 

by property bulgaria
buy property bulgaria

Investor Services...

Investors' Tool-Kit for purchasing residential property in South West Bulgaria...

Property Finders' Service for Professional Investors....

Email to: info@mytapu.om


Bulgaria is now the most attractive residential property market for investment. It is number one, in front of Albania, and Romania, and far ahead of other markets suffering the after effects of one property party too many, like Spain, Turkey, Dubai, Australia, Northern Europe, and now the United States, again. These latter markets have all participated in the global debt bubble, which is now bursting, once again, and so prices are heading downward. Unlike Bulgaria, where debt in relation to GDP is about 1/5th the level in the 'debt-hangover' markets.

 Mortgage lending levels in bulgaria are about where they were before the large uplift in property prices in the UK in the early 1980's, and in Turkey 15 years ago- a great perspective of just how early in the cycle Bulgaria is placed. And South West Bulgaria has never had a property boom, or bust, and in terms of valuation and future growth prospects, is virgin territory for residential investors buying property.


The underlying socio-economic drivers supporting the sustainable uptrend in Bulgarian residential property prices are much the same as they are in any and every market that enters an investable stage of its valuation cycle. In Bulgaria the improving business conditions are coming from nearly ground level zero so there is ample scope for upward progression.  Improving business conditions generate a surplus of wealth among the population demographic most active in moving to new and better lifestyle homes every three to five years. As usual, mortgage lending is comparatively low at present and so are interest rates- and likely to stay that way. As a result the usual profits are being banked, in construction new builds, rural re-constructions, and inner city refurbishments. This is just the beginning, it's still early days. 

Naturally the usual caveats apply, and specific niche segments are the place to maximise your returns- location, location, location.  Local knowledge, and Investor Services,  are the keys.

Our History  and Approach to Property Investment in South East Europe

buy property in bulgaria

Thirty years ago, in 1988, our founding partners began to explore real estate investment opportunities in the emerging markets of South East Europe. Of the countries analysed, the clear standout was Turkey. A large and rapidly growing young population, robust and dynamic industrial and agricultural sectors, and a broad and deep reservoir of mercantile entrepreneurial know-how with hundreds of years accumulated business acumen, made it an obvious first choice for investment. Thirty years later, and our partners have participated investing across the full complete range of asset classes, becoming key innovators and game changers along the way.

buy proprety bulgaria

Twenty years ago the partners began investment monitoring of real estate markets in the southern Balkans- Albania, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece. 

Over the last five years preparations began to establish support networks and operational capability for facilitating investment in specific countries that emerged into becoming a viable investment opportunity. Closer monitoring began in Albania and Bulgaria, and due to the downward reversion in asset values, Greece. Two of these markets are now enjoying shifts in economic circumstances that represent viable, attractive, opportunities for short, medium, and longer term investment- South West Bulgaria and Albania, in that order of priority.

buy property bulgaria

Along the way, one curious feature continually presented itself- the manner in which real estate related investment procedures, and cadastral and legal frameworks, were unlike elsewhere in Europe, but similar to Turkey. How could it be? The repeating recurrences were puzzling until the obvious answer was easily understood by a reading of history. Of course! The similarities exist because these countries for the preceding 500 years were under the same Ottoman administration as the land of Turkey. Unfortunately, in some of these countries, the procedural bureaucracy and paperwork is worse than Turkey, which has repeatedly applied reforms, continuously. Greece is the prime example. On the other hand, Albania is a different situation, having had virtually no legal framework for private property ownership during the preceding and interceding decades of one-man authoritarian rule.


buy property bulgaria

Fortunately, with the familiarity of Ottoman real estate cadastral regimes gained by doing business in Turkey for three decades, many aspects of investing in real estate in Albania, Bulgaria and Greece are reassuringly familiar to our transaction managers.  And surprisingly, or perhaps less surprisingly, it is not uncommon to find the Turkish language widely spoken, perhaps as much, or more so than English as a second language. For this reason, to manage and support the real estate investment transactions of private clients buying residential property in South West Bulgaria, Albania, and Greece, the initial support services were competently and comprehensively deliverable by mytapu.com, Turkey’s first and only property investment services provider for non-Turkish private client residential home investors. With 

buy bulgarian property

mytapu.com’s business procedures adapted from the ‘gold-standard’ benchmark of professional real estate practice known as ‘London Standards’, and decades of experience, it is a natural and obvious overlay onto the support networks established in these countries, having similar cadastral and legal frameworks that exist for property investment in Albania, Bulgaria, and Greece. 

This is why, property investors today, buying residential homes in South West Bulgaria, are served by the same high standards that thousands of international investors have received in Turkey, over the last twenty years.  Find out more about what we can do for you, today...

Contact Us...

Email  info@mytapu.com with subject and include your WhatsApp or Viber numbers for a complimentary call back... and if sending the form below please also send an  email so that our reply email to you is not trapped in spam...